It will not look like the team we have grown to know without Peyton Manning on the field, but will the Colts be the team to usher in the Andrew Luck era? What can NFL bettors expect for the Indianapolis Colts this season?

Lucky longshots?

With Indianapolis you’re going to get a very good price where future NFL odds to win the Super Bowl are concerned. Reggie Wayne has decided to return to Indy and that might improve their record by a couple of games but it won’t win them a Super Bowl. What Wayne can do is make Andrew Luck’s inaugurational season into the NFL a lot easier because he’s teamed up with the best in Peyton Manning for many years. 

Remembering Aikman and Manning 

Andrew Luck of the ColtsGranted, Troy Aikman had Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin, but he was just 1-15 in his first season with the Dallas Cowboys before he went on to win 3 Super Bowl Championships. 

The same goes for Peyton Manning. In Peyton’s first season with the Colts (1998), the team went 3-13 with manning throwing for 26 TD and 28 INT. The theory that I’m trying to get at was that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Other comaprisons 

Last season was a great example of what to expect. Quarterback Cam Newton had a spectacular rookie season but a losing one while Andy Dalton, who was drafted in the 2nd round, made it into the playoffs, had a successful season, but was obviously not ready to carry the coveted Lombardi Trophy. 

Whar could’ve been and what is 

If Peyton Manning was still the quarterback of this franchise, the Colts would still be one of the top 5 favorites (probably around 5th or 6th) to win the Super Bowl. Having released the man who built Indy, the Colts will use their first pick of the NFL Draft to pick up one of the hottest QB prospects in ages.

With Andrew Luck as quarterback, the Colts will be a major longshot and unless you have a Kurt Warner 1999 St.Louis Cardinals story in where the Cardinals were 200-1 and won the Super Bowl, the Colts are looking at nothing better than 6 wins tops, and that’s being generous. 

The Divisional Race?

Some people might hope that Luck is the ticket to the AFC South, as the Colts will still have a nice price and have to beat out only a few teams. It might be worth throwing someof your sports betting winnings on. Stranger things have happened and the Colts would only have to beat out 3 teams.

The Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11) are beatable, the Tennessee Titans (9-7) could be beatable without a star quarterback, and the defending champion Houston Texans (10-6) are also beatable. There’s no team in this division with the talent of Green Bay, New Orleans, or New England. Although far-fetched, if Luck is on the Colts side with Wayne returning, anything is possible. 

Amount of wins 

Reggie WayneThe most realistic NFL betting option on this team would be on on the season win totals, as either you take the under or the over. As I’ve stated, we don’t know the totals are yet but you can expect the Colts to improve from last season. 


Other factors need to be taken into account like the loss of Pierre Garcon, Dallas Clark, and running back Joseph Addai. The NFL Draft can sway the win total one or two games in either direction depending on who the Colts draft. We know that the Colts are drafting Andrew Luck and to me, that’s at least 3 to 4 wins without anything else being said, but without Garcon, Addai, and Clark, the Colts will need to make some moves in order for this team to reach the 6 win plateau. 


The Indianapolis Colts have what every team desires, a franchise quarterback. Saying that, they’re not ready to win now, and with the losses of Manning, Addai, Garcon, and Clark, they have a lot of work to do in the upcoming NFL Draft. It will cost them a few games, and they’ll be one of the biggest longshots on the board.

It’s all about the drafting talent. Do they have the knowledge to draft an Emmitt Smith or Michael Irvin? That’s the question.